Mixed Feelings
Mixed Feelings is Madina Zholdybekova’s first solo show combining the young artist’s new works made in the techniques of illustration, weaving, video and installation. The exhibition aims to represent and reflect on the experience of motherhood, as well as the ambiguous relationship between mother and child.

We often hear from others that childbirth is the only happiness for any woman, her one true destiny. But how true are such words? And how happy do women who have recently become mothers feel? Between various kinds of social pressure, guilt, romanticization and attempts to resist excessively high social standards, Madina chooses an honest, unvarnished conversation with her audience about what it really means to be a mother.

The exhibition curated by Dilda Ramazan was held from August 13 to September 3 2021 in Dom 36, Almaty. Within the framework of the exhibition, curatorial tours, an artist talk and a webinar with Elina Belyaeva, a transactional analyst in the field of psychotherapy was organized for everyone.