Kazakhstan is a fractal: complex, self-similar, and beautiful. You can take a typical Kazakh patriarchal family and extrapolate it to our state.

A decent family. A wedding for 500 relatives, an EXPO for 4 million visitors. The father of the family never speaks frankly, never admits mistakes, never asks for forgiveness, because he considers it as a humiliation. Mom (read: parliament) has got no voice to say. We don't take things out of the closet, we don't write truth in media, we don't want to spoil the international image. The only child in the family (read: a few people, 15 million) is not loved in this family. It's not obvious, but the numbers tell us that the most abusive and violent things happen within the family. It's not the dark alleys that are scary, but the family secrets.

In psychology, there is the Bowlby attachment theory, which has become very fashionable in recent years. Its essence is that a child develops a sense of security and basic trust in himself and in the world if a secure attachment to a parent is established. For this, the child does not need to earn love, a caring adult should always accept the child as he or she is, love, respect boundaries, protect, not intimidate, listen. If we were not loved, let's adopt  ourselves, no need to run away from the contact (read: country).