Artist, illustrator and educator,

Recent work



FEB 02–MAY 21 2023  
Clouds, Power and Ornament show, CHAT, Hong Kong

JUN 25–AUG 04 2022   
DAVRA Collective Public Program, Fridericianum Museum, Kassel 

AUG 13–SEP 03 2021
Mixed Feelings Solo Show, dom36, Almaty 

Azbuka Strikes Back︎︎︎

Tselinny 20.05.2023, Almaty

Parenthood Manifesto︎︎︎
CHAT, Hong Kong

Collective Zine Making︎︎︎
Babalar Press, online

Rethinking Dolls (& Agniya Barto)︎︎︎
Slavs and Tatars’ Pickle Bar, Berlin

01. Metropolis M

Art of Manty

02. New Lines Magazine
Kazakhstan’s Bloody January 

03. ELLE 
On feminism and motherhood

04. Bologna Children’s Book Fair
Illustrators Wall  

Clouds and Power
Group exhibition at CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), Hong Kong 25 Feb – 21 May 2023

Vinyl Record
115 x 106 cm
Acrylic, cotton, wool

Food for All

Group exhibition in Kingshill House, Dursley, UK, 26 Oct 2022 – 28 Feb 2023. Food is an important part of culture and traditional cuisine is passed down from one generation to the next. Food tells us who we are, and where we've come from.

Air dry clay
22 х 11 х 8 cm

Molding manty from dough and filling resembles modeling from clay — each time you get a different shape.

Winter Chilla - DAVRA collective public program
The work was on display as a part of @davracollective Winter Chilla mirroring programme from documenta 15, 19 Dec, 22 - 3 Feb, 23. Place: Underground space of Goethe-Institute Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

Burn Zhalmauyz Kempir
Audio installation
Cotton, acrylic pain, nails, wire, controller
152 x 137 cm

The work of Burn Zhalmauyz Kempir contains stories of young brides in Central Asia (kelin) who were not accepted into a new family after marriage, were demonized, slutshamed, subjected to psychological or physical violence because of otherness, disobedience to generally accepted norms in a patriarchal society. This piece is a parallel to European and African witches’ stories, ordinary women whom the state and society have turned into evil figures in order to control their behavior, reproductive capabilities, and sexuality.

*Zhalmauyz Kempir is a demonic creature, a witch in Kazakh mythology. 
*The stories of Tajik women are recorded by Nazira Karimi.