Clouds, Power and Ornament
I have taken part in the group exhibition titled Clouds, Power and Ornament - Roving Central Asia at the CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), Hong Kong curated by Slavs and Tatars, You Mi, Alya Tsay, Weiwei Wang from 25 Feb to 21 May 2023. It was such a privilege to showcase my work alongside other talented artists from Central Asia. 

My Mixed Feelings zine was included in Slavs and Tatars’ reading corner 
as a part the exhibition.

 New work was produced for the show:
Vinyl Record.
Acrylic, cotton
115 x 106 cm

In this work, I reflect on the self-sacrificing work we call motherhood and in particular the toll of breastfeeding in material and psychological terms. Sometimes a lactating breast feels like a melted vinyl record or a track from the film Groundhog Day, played on repeat over and over, a fitting analogy for the exhaustion of nursing and the lack of body autonomy.