I'm a passionate zine enthusiast, and my zines have been showcased at Offprint London 2023 festival at Tate Modern, as part of Pushkin House collection. They've also found a place in collections and shops such as Good Press in Glasgow, ruruhaus in Kassel, and the Zine COOP collection in Hong Kong.

Mixed Feelings Zine
This is a story about the complexity of multi-faceted feelings of motherhood. Illustrations tell about the invisible aspects of the life of a newly-made mother and the ambiguous relationship with her own child. Get your copy here.

Kolay Gelsin Zine
There is a golden phrase in Turkish “Kolay gelsin” you might have heard it while traveling to Turkey. It means Have a good one or Keep up the good work. “Kolay gelsin” literally means “may it come easily”. This phrase is unique and not translatable into English or most of the languages. 
There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and other people working. This zine is my personal collection of photos and drawings of Turkish people busy with their works. Ladies knitting in park, grandma cooking stuffed grape leaves with grandson, woman rolling out dough, man roasting chestnuts, fishermen catching fish. What makes Turkey Turkey is not all-inclusive vacation, baklava or kebabs all day long but people living there. “Kolay gelsin” is a polite way to greet those incredible people.

Fridzine Zine
After my participation with DAVRA collective at documenta, the group partnered with various collectives, including Gudskul and Pari, to develop Fridzine, a zine that explores a museum, specifically Fridericianum an oldest European museum, as a decolonial space suitable for all types of communal activities. I did layout & cover design, illustrations. Get your copy here.